About us

ISNT with its motto of "Better Quality of Life through NDT" strives to promote NDE science and technology and serves NDT professionals nationally and internationally through certification, publications and conferencing.




The Indian Society for Non-destructive Testing (ISNT) is the society for NDT professionals and practitioners. Since inception in 1972, it offers invaluable resources, information and linkages for industrial quality development and professional development to its members.

ISNT has 20 Chapters all over the country with head quarters at Chennai. The family of ISNT is more than 7000 strong. It is a diverse and dynamic family of professionals representing NDE Technicians, Scientists, Engineers, Researchers, Manufacturers and Academicians - all dedicated to improving product safety and reliability for betterment of humankind. These specialists represent virtually every industry and discipline that may benefit from NDT technology.




The Main Objective of the Society is to promote the awareness of NDT Science and Technology through education, research and exchange of technical information within the country and internationally to its members and other professionals using NDT.

The objectives of ISNT include, but not limited to the following:

  • To further the cause of Science and Technology of NDT.
  • To help Indian industries use the results of Research and Development in NDT.
  • To organize courses/workshops/seminars in various fields of NDT and to create forums where exchange of information and ideas among the NDT practitioners and professionals belonging to other fields in industry take place.
  • To promote the use of approved International and National standards in NDT and related areas by Indian industry in consultation with the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • To help prepare new Indian standards and update old standards in NDT.
  • To co-ordinate with universities, educational institutions and Government Bodies for initiating new projects on the development of various NDT techniques.
  • To interact and co-ordinate with other National associations and NDT societies from other countries.
  • To conduct training and certification courses in NDT techniques.
  • To propagate the culture of quality, to promote NDE for enhanced production and reliability, and to accelerate the introduction of new NDT methods with confidence.
  • To aid Indian industries to compete in the world market and export a diverse range of engineering products of proven




As part of its program for professional development, the Society publishes the Journal of NDE every quarter. The editorial board of this journal comprises of eminent national and international NDE experts. This journal with lucid technical articles, back to basics is very popular among the NDT professionals. It is distributed to all the members of ISNT, leading educational and corporate institutions within India and abroad.

One of the wings of ISNT is the National Certification Board (NCB). NCB has been recognized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (the Indian government body on standards). NCB has been primarily responsible for the training and certification of NDT personnel in India. The constituents of NCB is carefully drawn with members from public, private sector organizations, third party inspection agencies, ministry, regulatory bodies, professional bodies, research and educational organizations etc.

NCB has formulated its own quality manual in compliance with relevant national and international standards. NCB-ISNT, recognized by ASNT as the NSO in India, is a highly appreciated examination centre due to its top quality standard of training programme, faculty and administrative efficiency.

ISNT holds its National NDE Seminar annually which are coordinated and administered by its various Chapters across the country. These Seminars are highly popular with a large-scale participation.


Glorious Past & Bright future

The 14th World Conference on NDT hosted by ISNT in New Delhi (Dec. 14-16,'96) has earned tremendous recognition in the international NDT community. India became the 2nd Asian Country after Japan to hold this prestigious Olympics of NDT and Quality.

Today ISNT has earned a place of pride and eminence among the professional bodies all over the world. It is once again the 2nd Asian body (next to Japan) to be an Associate Member of the European Federation of NDT (EFNDT).

India is hosting NDT meet of Asia Pacific Countries in 2013 (APCNDT-2013) and is planned to be in Mumbai. Delhi is holding next NDE 2012 in the month of Dec 2012.